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Port Community System (PCS)

JNPA, in line with the Digital India initiative, has implemented the Port Community System (PCS)

Port Community System (PCS) is intended to integrate the electronic flow of trade-related document/information and function as the centralized hub for the ports of India and other stakeholders like Shipping Lines/Agents, Surveyors, Stevedores, Banks, Container Freight Stations, Customs House Agents, Importers, Exporters, Railways/CONCOR, Government regulatory agencies, etc. for exchanging electronic messages in a secure manner

The main objectives of the PCS are :

  • Develop A Centralized Web-Based Application, Which Acts As SINGLE WINDOW, For The Port Community Members/Stakeholders To Exchange Messages Electronically In Secure Fashion.
  • Reduce Transaction Time & Cost In Port Business
  • Achieve Paperless Regime In Port Sector
  • Implement An E-Commerce Portal For Port Community
  • DATA REPOSITORY For Research And Analysis

Committee Report on PCS1x vs PCS 2.0.
1030 KB PDF
RAZOR PAY User Manual
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Services offered by Razorpay E-payment Gateway
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