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Liquid Cargo Terminal

Liquid Terminal

JNPA proposed to develop a Liquid Terminal consisting of 2 berths on the other side of the Port as offshore berths. The location was decided adjacent to the existing liquid berth by extending a new arm. The extension of BPCL Jetty was examined based on model studies and navigation simulation studies for handling additional liquid cargo. The project looks to be with an investment of Rs.796.51 crores with a capacity of 7.5 MTPA.

The salient feature of the proposal is

  • The berth will be starting from 100 M northward from the line of existing BPCL Liquid berth at an angle of 20 degrees to be in line with the flood and ebb current.
  • The first dolphin will be 120 M from the southern existing dolphin at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The distance between the dolphins will be 300 M in a line parallel to the edge of the channel keeping 50 M clearance.
  • The breasting dolphins may be placed 200 M apart to accommodate tankers of 200 M LOA on either side.
Liquid Terminal

As a part of DPR and taking into consideration space/operational & safety constraints as well as likely strengthening requirements of the existing BPCL berths, consultant M/s TCE has suggested extension of existing pipelines from BPCL berth to the proposed berth by utilization of pipeline system with sharing based on common products by various users. The Southwest side existing Mooring Dolphin of BPCL berth needs to be modified to facilitate the clear access for new Pipe rack and approach road to new Berth. The liquid Trade representative appreciated the initiative taken by JNPA and agreed to extend their pipeline from BPCL Jetty to the new Additional Liquid Berth as proposed. The representative of BPCL & IOC also expressed comfort to extend their cargo pipelines to the proposed additional liquid berth.

IIT Madras has carried out Detailed Engineering and Cost Estimation. The estimated cost of the project is Rs.309.12 crores with a capacity of 4.5 MTPA. The approval is received from MoS for the implementation of the project. EIA/EMP studies were completed. As per the approved TOR, the project was cleared by MCZMA for CRZ clearance and conducted a Public Hearing on 15th Jan 2019 for obtaining EC from SEIAC. EPC Tenders are invited in May 2018 six bids received on1st August 2018.

With the approval of the Competent Authority, the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for an EPC contract for the development of Additional Liquid Cargo jetty has been issued to the lowest bidder M/s ITD Cementation India Ltd. on 28th March 2019, and the Letter of Award shall be issued upon submission of Performance security and signing of an agreement and The work is likely to be commenced in May 2019 after receipt of Environmental Clearance.