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Port Educational Tour

JNPT, as the premiere container Port in India, has always encouraged educational institutions to organize student-visits to the Port. The idea behind ‘Port Educational Tours’ is to firstly, allow these young minds an exposure about Ports and the vast operations and services offered. Secondly, it helps them to gain insight into the numerous business initiatives and the intricate gamut of operations that go into the smooth functioning of a Port. Exposure to Port operations might also spark an interest in entrepreneurship or to make them aware of opportunities in the port sector, which can help them take decisive steps for their professional careers.

Port tours usually begin with a detailed tour of the Port where a Port representative will explain the architecture of the Port and give an overview of the overall day-to-day operations. After the Tour, students can opt for a visit to the model room, to see a life-size landscape model which is a representation of the whole JNPT its adjoining areas. We also have seminars and discussion forums for students to interact with senior officials from the Port Administration.

Process for securing Pass for Educational Port Tour:

  • Click & open the registration form
  • Enter the details as requested in the Form
    • (name, age, designation, institution, date of visit, photo ID)
  • The photo ID required is any ONE of the below
    • PAN card
    • ADHAAR card
    • Driving License

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